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Roniu’s Tale Exclusive Demo on Mega Cat Studios Collection 2

1 Tobi

Hello everyone!

Some of you have already received your cartridges, which is great. Earlier than we were expecting and therefore you’ve discovered all the great games on the new Mega Cat Studios Collection 2 Cartridge.

One of the things with this new collection is Roniu’s Tale. A lovely 8-bit puzzle game that is brand new, not just to the Evercade but to the entire world.

Unfortunately, we were advised after our submission process for production that the game wouldn’t be ready for the projected release of the cartridge. These things happen in game development and sadly couldn’t be avoided.

However, we didn’t want to leave you Evercade fans without something to play, especially when we’d already told you it was coming. So we’ve worked very closely with developer Mega Cat Studios to bring you an exclusive demo of the game!

This demo is exclusive to Evercade gamers, so no one else has this demo of the game, and it means that when the game is available, you’ll have access to the full game at no extra cost.

This means that once the game is released, which is currently projected to be around October 2021, we’ll be able to update your cartridge via a firmware update for your Evercade Handheld to include the full game. If you are playing on an Evercade VS when that launches, the game update will be included in the firmware for the console via its own WiFi updates. So as soon as you put the cart in the system it will be updated automatically. So if you are unable to update the Handheld easily, and have a VS on the way then you have two options to update!

Mega Cat 2 purchasers will have a slip included with the cartridge that advises this information and once the game is released, future runs of the cartridge will include the full version.

We apologise that there is an inconvenience with this for some users and understand any concerns that our users have. However, we hope that the exclusive demo we’ve managed to work with Mega Cat Studios with will be enough to whet your appetite for when the full game launches soon.

When it comes to situations like this, we try our best to get the most complete and exciting products and games to you with as few obstacles as possible. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the new cartridge and will let you all know when the update for the game is live so you can enjoy all 43 levels of pathway puzzling.

Team Evercade

Quelle: Evercade.co.uk

27.08.2021 00:02


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