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Intellivision and Bitmap Brothers delayed until November 3rd 2021

1 Tobi

This year has been very difficult for the gaming industry due to the pandemic situations across the globe and the effect on all levels of electronics production and logistics. We have done our best to source materials needed for the production of our hardware and cartridges, as we detailed in our previous blog regarding these ongoing issues.

Sadly, we do have to announce that due to production issues beyond our control, Cartridges 21 and 22 will now be delayed by just over one month. For pre-orders, your retailer will be contacting you shortly.

Cartridge 21 (Intellivision Collection 1) and Cartridge 22 (Bitmap Brothers Collection 1) will now move to a targeted November 3rd release date, bringing it in line with all other production this year.

While we do have all the materials required to make everything this year, as we have previously highlighted, issues encountered with the production facilities locally have meant that the production of these cartridges has had to be moved.

We also factor in any logistics time as well, with the time it takes for the Cartridges to arrive at your retailer from the distributors, and from the factory to those distributors. All this combined has made the original September 28th release date not possible.

We apologise for this news as we know so many of you are looking forward to the new collections but we know it’ll be worth the wait and we hope you can wait just a little longer.

With so much development going on with cartridges and hardware, this is a good time to note that we are also addressing fixes and reported bugs with existing games.

We are currently working on reported issues from the community regarding the recent Indie Heroes release and are aiming to bring all of these fixes, along with other updates in a new firmware update. This does include a bug involving save states on certain games not working in TV Mode (HDMI) and some fixes for the games themselves which we are working with the developers directly. We will confirm all updates closer to the release of that firmware.

At present, the Handheld Firmware update process is still the same but will deliver all fixes once a cartridge is inserted. Evercade VS users will have these updates delivered via WiFi (selectable in the settings menu), which will complete all cartridge updates once the cartridge is inserted.

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience on both of these issues. It’s a trying time globally within the electronics industries and while we are hopefully through the worst of it, the knock-on effects still give us a few unwanted problems.

We thank you for your understanding and your patience.

Team Evercade

23.08.2021 12:42


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