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The BIG Evercade Giveaway – Enter to win EVERYTHING!

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To help celebrate the upcoming launch of the Evercade VS, we have decided to create The BIG Giveaway. Unlike our previous competitions that involve high scores or playing the games, this is one for existing Evercade fans and new players who are just beginning to notice the greatness that is Evercade.

The prize? EVERYTHING!

That’s right, we’re giving away the complete Evercade collection. An Evercade Handheld Premium Pack, an Evercade VS Premium Pack, an Evercade Handheld Carry Case, and EVERY SINGLE CART TO DATE.

That includes the original 10 carts from 2020, 11-22 of the console collection in 2021, AND the two new Arcade 3 and 4 cartridges.

This comes to a total value of $675!

The BIG Giveaway is running until November 30th with the prize being drawn on December 3rd. Full terms and conditions are on the competition link below and you need to be 16 or over to enter (due to the age ratings of the games).

Prize List

Evercade Handheld Premium Pack (Including Atari Collection 1 (01), Namco Museum Collection 1 (02), and Interplay Collection 1 (04))
Evercade Handheld Carry Case
Evercade VS Premium Pack (Including Technos Arcade 1 (A01), and Data East Arcade 1 (A02))
Data East Collection 1 (03)
Atari Collection 2 (05)
Namco Museum Collection 2 (06)
Interplay Collection 2 (07)
Mega Cat Studio Collection 1 (08)
Piko Interactive Collection 1 (09)
Technos Collection 1 (10)
Xenocrisis/Tanglewood Dual Cartridge (11)
The Oliver Twins Collection (12)
Atari Lynx Collection 1 (13)
Atari Lynx Collection 2 (14)
Jaleco Collection 1 (15)
Piko Interactive Collection 2 (16)
Indie Heroes Collection 1 (17)
Worms Collection 1 (18)
Codemasters Collection 1 (19)
Mega Cat Studios Collection 2 (20)
Intellivision Collection 1 (21)
The Bitmap Brothers Collection 1 (22)
Gaelco Arcade 1 (A03)
Atari Arcade 1 (A04)

Quelle / Competition: https://evercade.co.uk/the-big-evercade-giveaway/

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