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Evercade Release Update – VS Delayed until Mid December (EU) and January (US)

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Dear Evercade customers and community,
Today, we have an update on the release of the Evercade VS. Over the last 3 months the Blaze team and our factory partner have been working very hard to finalise production and organise shipping of the console and new cartridge collections.

We completed production in early September on our hardware, along with the Founder Edition. All units were available for shipping in time for an Early November release.

You can see some of the stock waiting for shipping in our factory below:

We have been unable to give you any updates until this point because of the huge instability in global freight and the uncertainty this created. We also did not want to give multiple updates with half-information to you.

Many people are aware of the increased pressure that has affected lorry freight, congestion at ports, and the shipping lines to get stock around the world. Like many other companies, we have to rely on this infrastructure to get you your console. Over the past 3 months, this situation has become very challenging and despite the best planning, we have not been able to find any way to improve outcomes.

This announcement applies to the 6 new cartridges (Intellivision, Bitmap Brothers, Technos Arcade, Data East Arcade, Gaelco Arcade, Atari Arcade) and all VS hardware as they are shipping together.

Europe & Founder Edition
We have now managed to secure vessel space for all European stock and with this delay, we must make the estimated release window between the 8th and 17th of December 2021.

Regarding the Founder edition, our partner Funstock.co.uk currently expects to receive all of the stock by the end of November 2021 and will start dispatching orders immediately after the stock is processed via their UK warehouse. If all goes as planned, Funstock aims to have dispatched all orders to all destinations worldwide, by the 8th of December 2021.

US & Canada
Unfortunately, we have worse news for our USA and Canadian customers. At this point, we are waiting for vessel confirmations and despite working with 4 different shipping agents, we are not expecting goods to ship for 2 or 3 weeks. This means we have an estimated USA/Canada release date of 14th of January 2022.

I am so sorry to bring this news to you, we wanted everyone to be playing their VS throughout November, but sadly global shipping complications have prevented this. We are especially sorry for our USA/Canada customers that won’t be able to play their console during the holiday period.

We have been hard at work, however, to bring updates and new products to you in addition to the release of the VS, including:

- A User Interface Tour to show more detail about all the features for the VS (Premiering on YouTube – Monday 11th October)
- Merchandise via our UK partner Funstock (which has already been announced)
- A new cartridge, that will be announced in early December
- A special edition Evercade Handheld that will shortly be available for purchase (no pre-order)
- More cartridge collections, which are close to being signed and unveiled for 2022 and beyond

We know you will enjoy the console and new games when they arrive and we will keep you informed if there are any other changes. In the meantime, please enjoy the UI tour.

Kind regards,
Andrew Byatt
Managing Director
Blaze Entertainment Ltd.


08.10.2021 18:22


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