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Evercade Launches Game Of The Month Feature – Exclusive for Evercade VS

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With the launch of Evercade VS and the addition of WiFi for updates, we really wanted to take advantage of the new ease of content delivery. Not just for essential updates, bug fixes, and tweaks, but also to implement new features and be able to really push the boundaries of what our retro gaming system can offer.

The first of these features is now ready. Today we’re proud to announce a brand new digital feature exclusive for Evercade VS users – Game of the Month, launching this Friday (April 8th).

For the rest of 2022, Evercade VS users will be able to play a new indie game direct from their system, every month. This will be an indie game that’s brand new to Evercade! And the best thing is it’s COMPLETELY FREE!

On the first full week of that month, you’ll be offered a new update which will download the new game to your console. You’ll be able to play this game for a whole month before the next update is available and the game is replaced with a brand new Game of the Month.

Between now and December, ten games will be released with Game of the Month, which means there will be a time when two games are available instead of one!

This feature is exclusive to Evercade VS users, BUT the complete collection of all games published under Game of the Month will be available at the end of this year and published as a physical cartridge – Indie Heroes Collection 2. Pre-orders and further announcements will be coming for that collection later this year.

How to get Game of the Month

It’s really easy to get started on Game of the Month. Simply update your console when prompted to the latest firmware version (2.1.0). Once updated, you’ll have a new option on your Evercade menu screen on the left-hand menu bar – a star icon. That will take you to the Game of the Month section.

From this screen, you can see the information about this month’s game and some information on Game of the Month. Once you press “SELECT” with the A button, you will be taken to the game page.

From here, you will be able to read more information about the game, start it in our new Competition Mode (more on that later this week), resume your last save or select “Play”. This will start up the game as you would any other Evercade VS game.

NOTE: Save states will only work for the game during the month it is live. They will be wiped when the next game is installed via the update process, and will not transfer to the physical Indie Heroes Collection 2 cartridge when released.

Tapeworm Disco Puzzle

As you may have already noticed, the first game in our Game of the Month feature will be Tapeworm Disco Puzzle by Lowtek Games. Created by Alastair Low, the creator of Flea!, this wonderful spin-off sees you navigate puzzles as a Club Owner and DJ tapeworm (that lives in a tape) in order to keep the Fleas happy. There will be more information about the game in a blog post later this week!

We hope you enjoy our new feature and have a great time with the games!

Quelle: Evercade.co.uk

05.04.2022 23:13

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