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A Look Ahead At Evercade 2023!

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Evercade is Blazing into 2023… Pun intended.

With the release of Indie Heroes Collection 2, we have started 2023 with the culmination of our first Game of the Month season. In addition to the 9 games released every month on the Evercade VS, an additional 3 are included on the cartridge!

Game of the Month 2023

So the first thing to talk about is the return of Game of the Month in 2023. We will be starting Season 2 of Game of the Month in April 2023. But this time it will be available for both Evercade VS and EXP users. Meaning you can take your Game of the Month with you on the go!

Nine more games will be available over the course of 2023, with a new game each month replacing the previous month’s game. All this will culminate in the release of Indie Heroes Collection 3, which will feature all the Game of the Month games, plus extra titles not included in the monthly feature. This cartridge will be released in February 2024.

We can’t wait to tell you more about our first Game of the Month and will be announcing all about it in March. You do nut want to miss it.

Legacy Cartridge Update

Before we get on to new carts, we do need to advise you about another cartridge collection that will become a legacy title in 2023.

Already discontinued and no longer in production is the original Evercade Handheld. Blaze Entertainment is no longer manufacturing this product so if you see it on sale at a retailer, that’s going to be the last stock they have of the console and its included cartridges.

There will be a final firmware update soon for the original Handheld, as promised, that will bring some essential bug fixes.

Joining the original handheld in the “Legacy” line will be Piko Interactive Collection 1 (Cart 09), which will no longer be produced as of February 2023. There is plenty of stock still on sale at retailers however ,so for those of you that haven’t already picked up that fan favourite, you still can.

The list of all Legacy products at present are:

- Namco Museum Collection 1 (02)
- Namco Museum Colllection 2 (06)
- Piko Interactive Collection 1 (09)
- Technos Collection 1 (10)
- The Oliver Twins Collection (12)
- Evercade Handheld Starter Pack
- Evercade Handheld Premium Pack

Evercade 2023 Roadmap

Now for the good news!

Our roadmap for 2023 is here! Between now and Feburary 2024, there will be AT LEAST 14 cartridge collections for Evercade. As already announced, there will be our first “Collection 3”, and we’ve just announced two new cartridges with THEC64 Collection 2 and Toaplan Arcade 2. There’s also our first collection of Amiga games from a yet to be announced publisher. And there could still be more cartridges added to our 2023 roadmap!

What we can also tease you with is that there will be at least two arcade cartridges, two home computer cartridges, two indie focused cartridges (in addition to Indie Heroes Collection 3) and new publishers! With at least 11 physical cartridges left to reveal and 14 in total over the next 12 months, there’s a lot to get excited about in 2023.

THEC64 Collection 2 and Toaplan Arcade 2 available to pre-order on February 17th 2023, with our next announcement due in mid-March, so there isn’t long to wait for the next bit of Evercade news.

It’s going to be a busy year for Blaze Entertainment and we’re committed to providing you with more classics, hidden gems and modern retro greats and welcoming more people into our Evercade family through the VS and EXP consoles. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Quelle: Evercade.co.uk

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