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Evercade EXP updates

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„Dear EXP customers,

We hope you are enjoying your new console. We are working hard to improve your experience and have a variety of questions related to bugs or issues answered below.

When can we expect updated Firmware?

Many of the reported issues are based on software rather than hardware. This means that any bugs and issues that are reported either can be worked on or are already being worked on ahead of firmware updates.

We will be publishing an update before the end of the year for the EXP to address any urgent and regularly occurring issues, such as battery indication, audio bugs, scanline bugs, and anything else that is impacting your enjoyment of the EXP.

As with any issues, we’re here to help so please email support@evercade.co.uk if you have issues. Most likely we have a fix being worked on.

I have heard about tight cartridges, what has happened?

We are aware that a certain, specific cart batch is a tight fit in the Evercade EXP. The affected carts are carts 1-10 and are limited to those produced in the first batch of those carts. A cart sizing issue was fixed immediately in 2020 and all presently available carts will not have this issue, nor will all carts at this time exhibit the same issues.

The affected batch has a batch code so it can be identified. This code is C0220.

You can find the affected batch code, above the bar code on either the cartridge box or the Evercade Handheld Starter or Premium pack box that your cart would have come in.

The carts normally will loosen with multiple insertions and in our testing with pre-production and the first run of production units, we found that to be the case.

Please note this does not affect any cartridge produced after June 2020 so all other releases, production runs, new carts and the included carts for EXP will all fit with no problem. If you have any cart outside of C0220 with a similar issue it will be unrelated and we recommend you contact us with details.

We also do not recommend using sharp objects or anything that can potentially cause harm to remove a cartridge or console – if you have a very tight-fitting cartridge, please employ safety first.

If you have any problems or need assistance, please contact support@evercade.co.uk

Why is my Battery is not displaying as expected?

With any new device, batteries and learning of the capability during mass production is not an equal process. Therefore we know many people are having some inconsistencies with their battery life indicator. These are being worked on and are expected to be continually worked on as part of regular stability and optimization improvements via our firmware updates.

If you have any other questions, please email support@evercade.co.uk for help.“
Blaze Entertainment

19.12.2022 19:14


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