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A Letter From The Managing Director: Dear Evercade Community

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„Dear Evercade Community,

Firstly I would like to send a heartfelt thanks to all of our customers who continue to support Blaze and the Evercade project. We want to welcome our new customers who have joined this amazing community this year and have demonstrated a passion for the games of our past in 2022.

After the successful launch of the VS, we added some further famous names to the Evercade cartridge library including Renovation, Gremlin, C64, Irem, and Toaplan. Our mission has been to deliver a variety of retro gaming experiences. We delivered Arcade hits like R-Type and Truxton, home computer greats like Impossible Mission and Japanese classics like Valis to Evercade. We have now over 400 games for the system, another milestone reached.

We were excited to start our new initiative of Game of the Month on Evercade VS to highlight some awesome indie retro developers. This is something we will carry on for 2023. If you missed this you can play these games in our Indie Heroes 2 cartridge.

We were also delighted to launch our Dual cart featuring Alwa’s Awakening and Cathedral. Cathedral is our first native game on a cartridge (not a classic game running through emulation) and both games have been a big hit with the Evercade community.

We were excited to bring the Evercade EXP into the Evercade EcoSystem, a better way to play your games on the move along with some legendary Capcom games built in. We took the decision to include Capcom games on the system with an understanding that it was not our usual approach. As many of you know licensing constraints meant we couldn’t release these games on a cartridge at this time, it was built in or not having them at all. We decided on balance that having them in this way was better than the alternative. We told the community the truth of the situation and people understood.

The biggest shock of my year was taking a call from our logistics manager in early December to find out that thousands of Limited Edition consoles had been stolen whilst in transit. This was truly disheartening for the entire team who had worked so hard to get products into the hands of customers. When we realised what had happened, we quickly gathered together with Funstock and devised a strategy to address the problem. At this time the Police have not located the stock and when we see any suspicious online listings we are reporting them. We will update you if anything changes in their investigation and customers will have already received the lastest update from Evercade on their orders.

Now the EXP has released we are working on updates and improvements to make your experience better. We will have regular new Firmware over the coming months to address bugs, improve stability and add fun features that you will enjoy. If you have questions or problems we are here to help. Just email support@evercade.co.uk for assistance.

Onto 2023, I have signed 11 new cartridges as of today with several more deals being negotiated as I write. We aim to bring you more variety, more big names, more hidden gems and games from other systems we have not yet seen on Evercade. We have some exciting things coming your way.

I need to thank the Blaze Team who have worked so hard this year to bring you the products you have enjoyed. Everyone went the extra mile this year and our continued success very much belongs to this team.

I have to send a thank you to the whole community for believing in Evercade and coming together to support us as we strive to bring you back the classic gaming experience. We hope you have amazing New Year Celebrations and excellent 2023.

Kind regards and best wishes,

Andrew Byatt
Managing Director – Blaze Entertainment Ltd.“

30.12.2022 13:54


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