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HDMI/Game Capture Fix

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Aus dem Blogarchiv von evercade.co.uk (15. Mai 2020):

From day one, we have been open and honest with you all and we wish to continue this.

It has been brought to our attention that there are intermittent audio issues with a very small number of games with a small number of TV’s – only in HDMI mode (this does not affect handheld mode) and especially when using game capture.

We have done extensive testing and have been unable to recreate the issues on most TV’s. For the majority of games, no issues happen with any TV.

For clarity:

- No audio issues exist when in handheld mode
- No audio issues exist on any TV for the majority of games (list below)
- Intermittent audio issues exist on some TV’s for very few games (list below)
- There is a simple soft-fix which fixes the sound (see below)
- We are working on a permanent firmware fix

For clarity, no issues occur in handheld mode.

Regardless of the rarity of this issue, we want to be open and honest and let you know that there’s a small possibility when using HDMI, you may have random sound issues with a small number of games. These sound issues include: sound dropout (no sound) or white noise.

We are working on a firmware fix already, but cannot guarantee this for ‘day one’ (whereas we are promising an optional button mapping fix for ‘day one’).

We have also identified that using game capture significantly aggravates this – so when streaming/game capturing, you are likely to see the issue more frequently.

The Mini-HDMI cable can also heavily impact this issue. We recommend using a shielded Mini-HDMI cable and if you have regular sound issues, replace the cable or try a different cable.

How do I fix the sound in HDMI mode?
There’s a very simple soft fix you can do to fix the audio (if you do experience an issue).

Thankfully, we have save/load states, which means you can save your game at any time and then instantly re-load from that place.

If you do encounter sound issues, saving / exiting the game / re-loading the game will fix this:

1. Pause
2. Press the menu button, then save state
3. Return to main menu
3. Re-launch the game
4. Press the menu button. then load save state

Games compatible with all handhelds and all TV’s (HDMI mode)
The below games will work fine with all handhelds and all TV’s.

8-Eyes Piko Interactive Collection 1
Adventure (2600) Atari Collection 1
Air Sea Battle (2600) Atari Collection 2
Alien Brigade (7800) Atari Collection 1
Almost Hero Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Aquaventure (2600) Atari Collection 1
Asteroids (2600) Atari Collection 1
Asteroids (7800) Atari Collection 2
Awesome Golf Atari Lynx Collection 1
Bad Dudes Data East Collection
Basketbrawl Atari Lynx Collection 1
Basketbrawl (7800) Atari Collection 2
Battle Cars Namco Collection 1
BattleChess Interplay Collection 1
Blue Lightning Atari Lynx Collection 2
Bowling (2600) Atari Collection 2
Burger Time Data East Collection
Burnin’ Rubber (Bump & Jump) Data East Collection
California Games Atari Lynx Collection 2
Canyon Bomber (2600) Atari Collection 1
Centipede (2600) Atari Collection 1
Centipede (7800) Atari Collection 2
Checkered Flag Atari Lynx Collection 2
Chips Challenge Atari Lynx Collection 2
Clayfighter Interplay Collection 1
Clayfighter 2 Interplay Collection 2
Coffee Crisis Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Crash ‘N’ The Boys: Street Challenge Technos Collection 1
Creepy Brawlers Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Crystal Castles (2600) Atari Collection 1
Crystal Mines II: Buried Treasure Atari Lynx Collection 1
CyberVirus Atari Lynx Collection 1
Dark Chambers (2600) Atari Collection 2
Demons to Diamonds (2600) Atari Collection 2
Desert Falcon (2600) Atari Collection 1
Desert Falcon (7800) Atari Collection 2
Dig Dug Namco Collection 1
Dig Dug 2 Namco Collection 2
Dorke and Ymp Piko Interactive Collection 1
Double Dragon Technos Collection 1
Double Dragon II: The Revenge™ Technos Collection 1
Double Dunk (2600) Atari Collection 1
Dracula the Undead Atari Lynx Collection 1
Dragon Spirit Namco Collection 2
Dragon View Piko Interactive Collection 1
Drakkhen Piko Interactive Collection 1
Earthworm Jim Interplay Collection 1
Earthworm Jim 2 Interplay Collection 2
Electro Cop Atari Lynx Collection 2
Fighter’s History Data East Collection
Food Fight (7800) Atari Collection 1
Galaga Namco Collection 2
Galaxian Namco Collection 1
Gates of Zendocon Atari Lynx Collection 2
Gordo 106 Atari Lynx Collection 1
Gravitar (2600) Atari Collection 1
Haunted House (2600) Atari Collection 2
Human Canonball (2600) Atari Collection 2
Incantation Interplay Collection 1
Iron Commando Piko Interactive Collection 1
Ishido: The Way of Stones Atari Lynx Collection 1
Jimmy Connors Tennis Atari Lynx Collection 1
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the tropics Data East Collection
Justice Duel Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Karate Champ Data East Collection
Libble Rabble Namco Collection 1
Little Medusa Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Log Jammers Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Loopz Atari Lynx Collection 1
Magic Girl Piko Interactive Collection 1
Malibu Bikini Volleyball Atari Lynx Collection 1
Mappy Namco Collection 1
Mappy Kids Namco Collection 1
MegaPak Atari Lynx Collection 1
Midnight Resistance Data East Collection
Millipede (2600) Atari Collection 2
Missile Command (2600) Atari Collection 1
Motor Psycho (7800) Atari Collection 1
Multidude Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Night Driver (2600) Atari Collection 1
NightShade Piko Interactive Collection 1
Ninja Golf (7800) Atari Collection 1
Old Towers Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Pac Man Namco Collection 1
Pac-Attack Namco Collection 2
Phelios Namco Collection 2
Planet Smashers (7800) Atari Collection 2
Power Factor Atari Lynx Collection 1
Power Piggs of the Dark Ages Piko Interactive Collection 1
Power Punch II Piko Interactive Collection 1
Prehistoric Man Interplay Collection 2
Quad Challenge Namco Collection 1
Radar Lock (2600) Atari Collection 2
Radical Rex Piko Interactive Collection 1
Realsports Tennis (2600) Atari Collection 2
Remnant Atari Lynx Collection 1
River City Ransom Technos Collection 1
Scrapyard Dog Atari Lynx Collection 1
Side Pocket Data East Collection
Solaris (2600) Atari Collection 2
Splatterhouse 3 Namco Collection 2
Sprintmaster (2600) Atari Collection 2
Star Luster Namco Collection 1
Steeplechase (2600) Atari Collection 1
Street Racer (2600) Atari Collection 2
Submarine Commander (2600) Atari Collection 2
Super Asteroids/Missile Command Atari Lynx Collection 1
Super Dodge Ball™ Technos Collection 1
Super Painter Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Super Spike V’ball™ Technos Collection 1
Super Sqweek Atari Lynx Collection 1
Swordquest Earthworld (2600) Atari Collection 1
Tanglewood Xeno Crisis & Tanglewood Dual Game Cartridge
Tempest (2600) Atari Collection 1
The Adventures of Rad Gravity Interplay Collection 2
The Brainies Interplay Collection 2
The Humans Piko Interactive Collection 1
The Immortal Piko Interactive Collection 1
Titan Interplay Collection 1
Todds Adventures in Slimeworld Atari Lynx Collection 2
Tower of Druaga Namco Collection 2
Video Pinball (2600) Atari Collection 1
Warp Man Namco Collection 2
Water Margin Piko Interactive Collection 1
Way of the exploding fist Piko Interactive Collection 1
Weapon Lord Namco Collection 2
Wizard (2600) Atari Collection 2
Xeno Crisis Xeno Crisis & Tanglewood Dual Game Cartridge
Xevious Namco Collection 1
Xump Atari Lynx Collection 1
Yars Return (2600) Atari Collection 1
Yars’ Revenge (2600) Atari Collection 2
Zarlor Mercenary Atari Lynx Collection 2

Games compatible with all handhelds and most TV’s (HDMI mode)
The below games will work fine with ALL handhelds and most TV’s when using HDMI.

Boogerman Interplay Collection 1
Brave Battle Saga Piko Interactive Collection 1
Burning Force Namco Collection 2
Canon – Legends of the New Gods Piko Interactive Collection 1
Claymates Interplay Collection 2
Jim Power – The Lost Dimension Piko Interactive Collection 1
Magical Drop 2 Data East Collection
Metal Marines Namco Collection 1
Splatterhouse 2 Namco Collection 2
Switchblade Piko Interactive Collection 1
Tänzer Mega Cat Studios Collection 1
Tinhead Piko Interactive Collection 1
Top Racer Piko Interactive Collection 1
Two Crude Dudes Data East Collection

If you are having any problems with your Evercade please email: support@evercade.co.uk

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