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Evercade Handheld FW 2.0 is in closed BETA

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Hi @everyone, just a little progress update. As most of you know, the Evercade handheld is getting a host of upgrades with a brand new firmware update, dubbed 2.0. This includes a completely overhauled menu system and new emulation upgrades like scanlines, pixel perfect and save management. There are also a number of performance improvements like improved input handling to reduce input latency.

The firmware has now escaped internal testing and has now officially entered closed beta testing as of today!

Release date is still TBD but it will be close to the launch of the VS. We will publish a change log for this firmware on our website once it is released

Keep your eyes open for more news in between the VS content we have coming your way!


Quelle: Discord

28.10.2021 14:23


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