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Evercade EXP Limited Edition – What Changes Were Made

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We hope that all of you who were affected by the events of the December theft of the Evercade EXP Limited Editions are either enjoying or about to enjoy the replacement units that are now currently being sent around the world.

Now that all the units have been sent, we know many of you will want to know what we’ve done differently in order to differentiate your unit from those that were stolen last year. We are aware that there are multiple units that are being sold online via third-party marketplaces like Facebook and eBay. We have been vigilant in reporting these listings that involve stolen goods and appreciate all of the listings that have been reported to us from the community. We thank you all for your support on this.

For some context, we are personally unable to remove the listings from eBay as only law enforcement personnel are able to report stolen items on the marketplace. We have passed and regularly continue to pass new listings to the investigating police department of all stolen Evercade EXP Limited Editions. But at that point, it has been out of our hands. With other listings both us at Blaze and we know many of you have been able to report any of the stolen units to the platform.

However, we know that people will look at the Evercade EXP Limited Editions via these marketplaces and would like to be assured that what they are considering is not a stolen item. So, we’ve written this post to highlight some things to look out for, in order to make sure you are not purchasing stolen goods. If you are a retailer who believes that they currently have a stolen item then please contact us and your local police department.

European Orders
Evercade EXP Limited Edition customers will have no cosmetic changes to the packaging as this released as expect via a European warehouse in December 2022. However, we did email each customer a unique digital certificate that includes their order number. This is proof that the unit they have is not stolen and is a legitimate item. If you buy this second hand, on a European marketplace, make sure to check the location of sale and if the seller has this certificate.

UK, US and Rest of the World orders
The outer packaging of the Evercade EXP Limited Edition has been updated. The displayed console image of the Limited Edition on the outer sleeve is changed from the game menu to the Capcom Collection imagery, along with an included Evercade authenticity badge printed on the sleeve. You can see the differences in the below images.

If you are seeing listed items, make sure that you see a photo of the box and not just a rendered image. Also make sure you can see the front of the box if it is hidden in the listing image. There are also differences in the carts listed on the sides of the inner sleeve.

Almost all of these listings will originate from the UK, where the theft occured. Make sure that you check everything you can in the listing as well to confirm if it is a stolen item. Any cartridges in these collections will also have no barcodes on the back of their cartridge box and the included Certificate of Authenticity has been altered to the new “Heroes” certificate. There are no cosmetic changes to the unit, as our European customers already have these units legitimately and it would be unfair to them if their unit was different due to circumstances beyond all our controls. However, the unit itself has been slightly revised with a wider cartridge slot to better accomodate original cartridges.

If you are concerned, see anything suspicious or are not satisfied that a third-party listing doesn’t meet the above requirements then we encourage you to not send money, directly engage with sellers nor put yourself at risk. Make sure that anyone you do decide to purchase from is a reputable seller with a good feedback history and a well established profile on whichever platform they use to sell and is listing the revised box art with enough proof to satisfy your concerns.

We hope this is helpful and that those of you affected will enjoy your new Limited Edition Evercade EXP consoles as they begin to arrive over the coming days.

Quelle: Blaze Entertainment

13.03.2023 12:31


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