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Blaze Entertainment announced "Hyper Mega Tech!"

1 Tobi

"As you may have seen, we at Blaze Entertainment have just announced a new brand! HyperMegaTech will be our newest venture and allow us to spread our eager wings deeper into the world of retro entertainment.
We have some exciting things to be announced in the future, so make sure you head to hypermegatech.com to sign-up for the latest information.


But don’t worry, Evercade is growing bigger than ever! As announced earlier this week on the Retro Dodo Retrospect podcast, the Evercade Announcement Show will be back at the end of May to kick start our 4th year with some big, exciting news!

We hope you can join us and we’ll be sharing more over the next month. Until then, enjoy THEC64 Collection 2 and Toaplan Arcade 2, out tomorrow!"
Sean Clever from Blaze Entertainment

29.04.2023 18:47


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